Why So Much Law Firm Marketing Is Now Done Online

The digital age has changed everything. From how we sell products to the way we connect with friends and family, it’s hard to imagine life before mobile phones and social media. And marketing is no exception: thanks to digital tools, your law firm can now reach more potential clients than ever before.

The Internet Allows Law Firm Marketing To Become Personal And Interactive

The Internet allows law firms to interact with their clients in a personal way and in real time. For example, if a client wants to know more about the firm’s services or would like assistance with an issue, they can do so by sending an email or making a phone call. This provides law firms with the opportunity to build trust and rapport with their clients by communicating directly with them instead of through third party intermediaries such as recruiters or other lawyers at other firms who may not have all of the information needed for this interaction.

The Internet also allows for greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling meetings because it does not require physical travel between locations (e.g., between offices located in different cities).

The Online Tools Used To Measure Law Firm Marketing Success

The tools used to measure law firm marketing success have also evolved. In the past, you would rely on your own intuition and historical data for insights into what was working and what wasn’t. Today, there are a number of free or low-cost analytics tools that can be used to gain insights into how your law firm’s marketing efforts are performing from an overall perspective and on a more granular level.

For example, Google Analytics (GA) is one such tool that allows you to monitor all of your marketing channels in one place:

  • How many visitors are coming to your website?
  • What content do they spend time on? Does it correlate with any other information about them that could indicate who they might become clients?
  • What keywords did they search prior to finding their way to your site? This can help you optimize content further so it shows up higher in search results while also inspiring more people searching those terms (and similar ones) who may not have been aware of what services you offer until now!

It’s clear that the digital age has made marketing more effective than ever. It’s also clear that the Internet is where most people go for legal advice, so it makes sense to use digital means to reach them. In this day and age, no firm can afford not to have an online presence—it gives you a chance to connect with potential clients and show off your expertise.

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