Should Lawyers Spend Some Of Their Time Blogging?

Blogging can be a great tool for showcasing your skills in the legal world. It’s an opportunity to show your personality, extend your reach and visibility, hone your writing skills, and generate new leads. So how do you start?

Blogging Could Help You Generate New Leads

Although blogging might not be a direct way of generating revenue, it can help you generate new leads. You could use blogging to reach out to potential clients. The more content that you post on your blog, the more people will read it and potentially contact you for legal services. If a prospective client finds what they need from your website or blog posts, they may be willing to pay for legal assistance in the future.

You could use blogging for lawyers as an opportunity to pitch yourself in order for someone else (like an employer) to hire you full-time instead of working as an independent contractor or consultant. This would mean getting paid more than normal because employers usually pay higher salaries when hiring full-time employees rather than contracting out services like lawyers do (i.e., hourly wages).

It’s A Chance To Extend Your Reach And Visibility

An important benefit of blogging is that it allows you to extend your reach and visibility online.

  • Blogging can help build your online presence: If you blog regularly, people will see that you’re an expert in the field and will start following what you have to say.
  • Blogging can help connect with new people: When readers leave comments on your blog posts and other social media accounts, this allows them to connect with one another. In turn, these connections could lead to new clients or job opportunities for you down the road!
  • Blogging can help build your reputation: As people read about how great of a lawyer or person you are through reading about your experiences as a lawyer, they’ll start coming back because they know how trustworthy an opinion is when it comes from someone who has firsthand experience rather than relying solely on information given by others

It’s An Opportunity To Show Your Personality

Blogging shows your personality. Make yourself stand out by being serious or easygoing. Your blog should reflect your personality and what makes you distinct.

Showing some individuality will help you stand out from the mass of corporate lawyers with generic websites. If humor isn’t your thing, try writing in first-person instead of third-person (“I” instead of “they”).

Blogging is a terrific method to engage your audience and establish relationships. If you’re still unsure, consider that knowledge is more accessible than ever. People seek instruction and support from someone who can give true, excellent information. If your blog entries offer this much value, there’s no reason the legal industry shouldn’t embrace it.

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